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HODcon Speakers 2022

  • Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

    Keynote Speaker

  • Katharina Schüller


  • Ana Ferreira

    Center for Health Technology and Services Research, University of Porto

  • Martin Wibbe

    Materna Information & Communications SE


Challenge Partner

Exklusiv partner Hands On Data 2022


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Impressions from HODcon 2021

Hands on Data in Numbers

  • +60 Startups
  • +30 Contributions from experts
  • +10 Data Challenges
  • +1000 Viewer
Presentation on the HOD conference stage by a middle-aged man. A group of 10 people stand lined up next to each other behind waist-high letters on which H-O-D can be read. Three very excited protagonists on the HOD stage. One holds an oversized check with the inscription "Hands on Data - 5000€". Several groups of people stand at bar tables or sit in groups of seats in a colorfully lit room. A large disco ball hangs centrally in the middle.